Feelloud is the new platform where fans can influence where concerts are played. We want to help you, the fans, to connect to your favourite artists and bands and bring them close to a town near you. We give the power to the fans, so that more fans can see music where it sounds the best, on an amazing stage where the fans are!

For the first time ever, fans can influence concert locations and much more. Don't miss out as a fan and experience your favourite bands and artists where you are with exclusive concerts with big and small artists.

Are you a musician/artist or work with one? Make sure to connect to your fans and play for as many of them as possible with Feelloud.

Yes, Feelloud is free. Buying tickets and devoting is not free though, but besides having an awesome experience at the show in the end, you're supporting the Feelloud team, the artists you love and everybody behind the scenes, so it's a win-win, right?!

Our goal is that the Devote service-fee, to influence where concerts happen, will be included in all tickets in the future as well and doesn't create more cost for you. We want to create value for you, so if the artist you devoted yourself to doesn't come you will get the devote back as a credit so you can devote to another artist, until you succeed.

Our unique and new feature which we call the DEVOTE! Simply put, instead of artist just going on tour they can now plan it together with their fans. When one of your favourite artists has started a devote campaign, you can put yourself on the map and show the artist where you are. This will create tours where artists can play for as many of their fans as possible.

Take part of exclusive concerts and save a buck while doing so.

Are you an artist or somebody working with one? Follow these steps to create an artist account on Feelloud:

  1. Create a normal personal Feelloud account
  2. When your personal account is active, go to Account & Settings -> New ->New Artist Account and apply for the artists account.
  3. When your application is accepted you will have access to the account and can then invite the rest of the band and team.

Feelloud is just getting started, if your favourite artists or band has not joined yet then make sure to tell them about us and make your voice heard with the hashtag #feelloud on your social media platform of choice.

You can also wish for artists when searching for them in our search function. We are working hard to make you FEEL the passion we have for music so tell us what you want, and we make sure to contact the artist and bring them to the best platform for music.

Do you have any other questions? Contact us via We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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